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One of the most popular current styles of bridal bouquets is ribbon-wrapped.  Bouquet holders are still available and are used, and cascading bouquets are still beautiful, but their usage is definitely not as prevalent as the ribbon-wrapped style.

There are many ways to create a ribbon-wrap bouquet.  You can leave some of the stems exposed, or cover them completely.   It does take quite a bit of ribbon, so make sure you have plenty of yardage before beginning so you don't run out half way through the wrap.

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Generally you start at the top, work your way down the stems in a spiral fashion, then go back up the stems to the top.

One option for finishing is to tie off the ribbon in a bow at the top or at the bottom of the bouquet, or use pins to create a folded design on the back of the bouquet (no one usually sees it but the bride, but at least it looks pretty) or in the front.
Green sateen ribbon with bow

 Green satin wrap with folded ribbon and ivory pearls

Be creative!  Use a variety of items to personalize the holder such as pearl pins, brooches, or buttons.  If the pearl pins are too long to insert, cut them short with wire cutters at an angle to create more of a point.
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With vintage weddings being a favorite, lace can be used.  Cut the lace in strips and wrap just as you would do with a ribbon.                                     

Lace wrap with ivory pearls

The ribbon can be all satin, or a mix of textures such as satin and sheer.  You can also use contrasting ribbons to make the wrap really pop!

Turquoise satin and sheer turquoise and brown ribbon with turquoise pearls

All satin ribbon under wrap with satin over wrap and silver pearls

Here's some more pictures to get your mind thinking of the possibilities.  I guess that about "wraps" it up! :)

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