Cynthia (aka Mrs. Petals)
 Designer of Fresh and Permanent Botanical Arrangements

I love flowers!

Welcome to my little flower blog. My posts contain pictures of various projects and custom designs that I've done for clients, friends, family, and for my own enjoyment. My projects range from single arrangements for home and business, to high school graduation ceremonies, to major social gatherings, to funeral pieces, to complete wedding packages. I do original designs and copied designs, depending on your wants and needs...and what will make your heart sing!

Years ago, my husband and I moved our family onto a five acre "gentleman farmer" parcel of land in the beautiful rolling hills of Northern California. A vineyard, massive native oaks, rolling hills, fruit trees, roses, a barn, a horse corral, a carriage house...and thousands of daffodils. The first spring on our little farm marked the beginning of my flower arranging efforts as I attemped to make daffodil arrangements--no greenery, no filler, no form, just daffodils. I didn't realize how elementary my efforts were until a few years later when a friend commented, "You're getting better!"

My creative juices were triggered as I roamed the yard each week for over a dozen years with cutters and basket in hand. I clipped away at junipers, tulips, forthysia, roses, redwood trees, lilacs, calla lilies, iris, and others. Soon friends were asking if I'd help with this event or that event. I was a bit terrified to fulfill the first wedding request, but I was pleasantly surprised at the result...it didn't look half bad! So I just keep creating, arranging and learning. Maybe my long-ago friend from 20 years ago would say again, "You're getting better!"

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