Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flowering Branches in Spring Bouquets

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that she witnessed someone cutting flowering branches from a tree in the yard of my friend's neighbor...without the knowledge or permission of the neighbor.  My friend was rather appalled, and rightfully so!  Though I've been known to cut foliage from some strange places, I don't attack the neighbor's trees and bushes.

But my friend's comments have turned my thoughts towards flowering branches, and spring--which definitely hasn't sprung yet here in the Rocky Mountains of Utah where I live.  Unfortunately!  Here's a couple of thoughts regarding using flowering branches in arrangements.

Often times, a vase filled with just branches is the most effective way to show off the delicate flowers.  It makes a statement and it doesn't require much arranging.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that due to the woody stems, it can be difficult for the branches to take up water. It helps to scrape 2-3 inches of the outer layer of bark off of the branches with a paring knife to allow for improved water circulation in the stem.

Flowering Cherry Blooms
(Photo by Bridorama)

Flowering Cherry Blooms 

Flowering Forsythia Branches

Flowering Dogwood Branches

But don't be afraid of incorporating branches into arrangements that include other flowers as well.  They can be a stunning addition.

An arrangement I created that includes flowering California Redbud blossoms, purple lilacs, white daffodils and purple English iris. 

Flowering Pear blooms with a spring mix.  All of these flowers came from my yard in Northern California several years ago.  I had thousands of daffodils...mainly because the gophers didn't like them due to a toxic gas the bulbs emit.  I love the little clay pot filled with fresh flowers in the bottom of the glass vase.  Just something different!

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