Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is it still Winter?

A few brides struggle with ideas for winter wedding decor.  Most want red, which can be a little...well, ordinary.  However, red does make a great wedding color for the cold, snowy days of winter.  Red offers great contrast and boldness against a sometimes dreary backdrop.  One way to handle the issue is to embrace the elements already present in the season and incorporate them rather than fight them.  Use the winter gifts from nature...pine boughs, pine cones, berries, sticks, tree branches (I'm surprised I haven't been hauled away for "pruning" wild trees in various groves) and even some snow (well, okay--fake snow).

Here's an example of a winter wedding centerpiece using many of the elements listed above.  The bride really wanted to incorporate red roses, but wanted to have it look wintery at the same time.  The bottom of the vases contained rocks, then water and cranberries were added with a floating candle on top. 

This is a similar version of the same arrangement, but made for smaller tables for the reception.

 Another winter centerpiece--again the bride wanted red roses, but some berries were added to acknowledge the winter element.

It's not the greatest picture ever taken, but here is a simple arrangement of gold spray-painted oak tree branches set in a tall clear, crystal vase with gold Christmas ball-ornaments to fill in the empty space.  It is then set up on a plant stand with a spot light under it and covered with a gold fabric overlay.  

A similar oak tree branch arrangement (hey, the branches are free) from a different Christmas event.  Silk ivory poinsettias were added to the rim of the vase for a different effect.  Due to the extremely tall ceiling in this room, this type of arrangement can be quite tall to create a dramatic effect. I love the glow created by the spot light under the plant stand! 

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